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When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010 and Lymphoedema in 2011 I could never begin to imagine how my life would change especially when diagnosed with lymphoedema. The highs and lows, the questions you ask yourself as to why I started my own support group. 


The answer was simple. I felt that if I could help one person not to feel like I did when I was first diagnosed, then it would be worthwhile. The passion I experience for raising awareness of lymphoedema at times, can be overwhelming, but never would I have imagined how we would evolve and the new opportunities that would come my way running L-W-O Community.

Around four years ago UK Lymphology (UKLC) started following us on Twitter, gradually they became another of our biggest supporters, retweeting/liking our posts. Then pre Covid Yvette Jordan of UKLC, asked could we have a chat, little did I know then that a new door had opened.  That phone call changed everything. Yvette and I found when it came to Lymphoedema, the Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Health we were very much in agreement.  

There has been much discussion on how we could form a working partnership and earlier this year Yvette invited me to become a Patient Advocate for the UK's first virtual lymphatic health clinic.  We are preparing to launch this new venture on 7th September 2022.  So, watch this space and please check out the L-W-O Community webpage on the UKLC website.


Yvette Jordan

Yvette Jordan has been a practicing therapist for over forty years and in 2006 she ventured into the world of lymphatics, lymphoedema, and cancer aftercare by training in level III CDT Lymphoedema Therapy at The Foëldi Klinik, Lymphology Hospital, Germany.

A City and Guilds teacher, and foundation Kinesiologist from her experience she is known as a Lymphatic Specialist Practitioner having spent six years working in a GP surgery.  As a personal trainer, Yvette specialises in pain management and post-operative recovery through the realignment of the musculoskeletal system. Effective lymphatic exercise helps remove swelling with a variety of lymphatic dysfunctional conditions to prevent deterioration.

She is the Think Tree Hub Subject Matter Expert for Lymphology and recently, the privilege of currently working with the British Masters Athletics Federation to help alleviate many lymphatic health issues. 

Alongside the UKLC lymphatic training courses, Yvette is currently running the first Lymphatic Health Online service started jointly with Gaynor, to give access to those who need to speak to a professional about their lymphatic or lymphoedema concerns.

Body     Lymph     Health

UKLC provides online lymphatic healthcare advice, clinic treatments, and training in these new therapies to reduce the suffering of lymphatic health conditions

There is little understanding of the health of the lymphatic system which causes much distress when dysfunctional. UKLC is dedicated to improving lymphatic education, healthcare, and research. Our trained therapists provide outstanding, caring, and professional therapies for clients and we offer advanced training for Breast Cancer Aftercare and the dynamic Lymphatic Integrated Massage.

Lymphatic Health Online

With the addition of much-needed virtual online treatment appointments and personal training to complete the recovery process, we now have a wide range of skills to call upon to gain even better results.

UKLC Specialise in Lymphatic Health and Lymphoedema Therapy

UKLC combines forty years of massage with seventeen years in lymphology. 


From experience, we know that most lymphatic problems and conditions usually start very slowly and sometimes may not even be noticeable.

Whatever part of the body is affected by swelling, if it does not reduce and return to normal within two weeks it means it needs specific lymphatic treatment.


Treatments help the lymphatic system take away excess fluid build-up, this reduces the possibility of further problems arising from the trapped lymph fluid. If lymph fluid is left it eventually hardens affecting muscular movement and long-term deterioration of health. 

Virtual Clinic

Online appointments offer support with professional advice and guidance for control of persistent swelling of limbs, post-cancer aftercare, and lymphoedema concerns. Natural immune health improvements and post-Covid recovery.

What we offer...

Access to an experienced lymphatic therapist for advice through self-care and management of your condition or lymphatic health concerns.

This system has complex routes that need specific understanding and knowledge to maximise and keep it flowing. Results can be instant but more so, they prevent deterioration from stagnation of toxic waste fluid within the body`s tissues.

UKLC Vision

To make lymphatic healthcare and lymphoedema advice available to anyone who needs to know from an expert in this misunderstood area of our immune system.

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