Members Questions

L-W-O Community’s theme of community engagement continues with our support group members questions which at times can be complex and not easily answered. I would find it impossible to answer all the questions I get asked. Therefore, it is important we work with health care professionals, our members, patient associations and relevant organisations.

This webpage will seek to answer a broad section of questions from our members about lymphoedema, lymphatic health and the lymphatic system.

Questions - Answers - Video Creation

Jane Wigg is internationally acclaimed as being one of the leading lights in Lymphoedema treatment and development, research and education and is well-known for her passion to 'optimise treatment' for those living with lymphoedema.  Mary Fickling and myself, decided to ask Jane whether she would be happy to answer questions from L-W-O Community members as part of the LAW2021/WLD2021 campaign.  However due to time restraints it was decided to reschedule this very special strand until 1st August 2021.  I am delighted to say this has now become a regular feature in the PhysioPod Free Monthly News Magazine.  You can see the full 'Dear Jane' videos and articles here ...

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