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Members Questions - Patient Empowerment


L-W-O Community’s theme of patient empowerment and community engagement continues with our support group members questions which at times, can be complex and not easily answered. I would find it impossible to answer all the questions I get asked. Therefore, it is essential that we work with health care professionals, our members, patient associations and relevant organisations to bring you, our readers, information, and guidelines to help you manage your lymphoedema.

This webpage includes a series of videos that answer a broad section of questions from our members about lymphoedema, lymphatic health and the lymphatic system.

Questions by L-W-O Members
Answers by Jane Wigg
Video Creation by Mary Fickling

ID: Purple background. Title L-W-O Community. Subtitle Support group questions answered. Photo image Gaynor Leech, Founder of L-W-O Community, L-W-O logo text Gaynor provides the questions from support group. Photo image Jane Wigg RGN MSc Clinical Expert. Logo Lymphoedema training Academy Text, Jane answers the questions. Photo image Mary Fickling, text reads. Company Director PhysioPod UK Ltd. PhysioPod logo. Text reads, Mary produces and designs the videos.


Jane Wigg is internationally acclaimed as being one of the leading lights in Lymphoedema treatment and development, research and education and is well-known for her passion to 'optimise treatment' for those living with lymphoedema. 


Mary Fickling and I, decided to ask Jane whether she would be happy to answer questions from L-W-O Community members as part of the LAW2021/WLD2021 campaign.  However due to time restraints it was decided to reschedule this special strand until 1st August 2021, and I am thrilled this has continued throughout 2022.  I am delighted to say this has now become a regular feature in the PhysioPod Free Monthly News Magazine.  You can watch all the 'Dear Jane' videos below.

Support Group Questions

"Can I have a Tattoo"? From time to time this question is asked by our members.  Read more...

Do you like what you see? L-W-O Community receives no funding, and we rely on the goodwill of our readers.  Please consider taking a yearly subscription so that we can continue to provide information for those who live with lymphoedema. Find details here... 

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