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L-W-O Community needs your support.

Please support us by taking out a yearly subscription so that we can continue to give you a voice and provide you with information to help you manage your lymphoedema.


Living with lymphoedema/lymphedema is a challenge. Since 2013, the L-W-O Community has been supporting people with Lymphoedema/Lymphedema. I work both online and, in the community, to promote lymphatic health, self-care, patient empowerment, and community engagement.

While some may assume that L-W-O Community operates entirely cost-free due to its online presence and use of social media networks, the reality is quite different. In fact, during the 2023-2024 tax year, the community incurred various expenses, including accounting, graphics, professional fees, software licenses, and website maintenance, totalling £1000.00.”

It’s essential to highlight these costs to dispel any misconceptions about the financial aspects of running L-W-O Community.

Our promotional materials for events and conferences are out of date, and I need to replace our tablecloth with a logo, a pull-up banner, and information brochures. While I recognise that this is a large request, I need to collect an additional £500.00 to pay the cost of these much-needed items so that I can attend the events to which I have been invited. As a result, our operating costs for the tax year 2024-2025 are expected to be £1500.00.

While the main part of the L-W-O website will be free to view, from August 1st 2024 the members area of the website will only be available to those members who have taken out a yearly subscription. Subscriptions start as little as £5.00.


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