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Community Engagement

This is our Community Engagement page. It is a fantastic opportunity to help visitors understand the background, context, and history of our work.  I am aware that organisations in our community have historically been wary of collaborating with patient groups because they are very protective of the job they undertake. L-W-O is enthusiastic about community participation because we genuinely believe that by working together with other groups, individuals, or organisations we can do so much more as a team to educate, enlighten, and raise awareness about lymphoedema.

Mary Fickling PhysioPod UK

PhysioPod Logo


One of the most fantastic aspects of my volunteer activities has been meeting new individuals. I have met some amazing people while managing L-W-O, whether they are one of our members or one of the many professionals in our community.

One lovely person I became acquainted with in 2017 via Twitter is Mary Fickling Director of PhysioPod UK.  Mary has been a big supporter of ours, sharing our posts, sometimes offering advice, and becoming a valued friend. We met first in 2018 and had fun at the MLD Conference in 2019. Read more...

The British Lymphology Society (BLS)

Joint initiative between BLS and LWO


For the past four years, I've enjoyed writing articles for the quarterly BLS News and Views magazine, making movement videos for the EveryBodyCan campaign, and, in 2022, collaborating with Matt Hazledine to co-present at five workshops at the BLS conference with the topic ‘Understanding the Patient Agenda’, under the mentorship of Kate Sinclair, Lorraine Brown and Jane Board.

Patient accounts that I hear regarding the lack of assistance they feel they receive with managing their lymphoedema are extremely depressing. However, I have gained so much knowledge from participating in these workshops, and it really helped me to understand lymphoedema specialists' perspectives as well as the limitations that their employment places on them and the emotional toll that this can sometimes have on their mental health.

Based on the work we completed prior to the conference workshops and during the workshops, we are now compiling resources. This year's team consists of, Kate Sinclair, Yolande Borthwick, Lorraine Brown, Matt Hazledine, and yours truly.


Jane Wigg Lymphoedema Training Academy

Matt Hazledine Lymphoedema United

Lymph United Logo

When I started my lymphoedema awareness journey I could never have imagined where it would lead.  I did not have a plan and my social media skills were non-existent. My intention was to understand my lymphoedema and, if I could help one person from experiencing the doom, I felt when diagnosed with a lifelong, incurable condition that would be a bonus.

Through my journey I have met some amazing people and in 2018 at the LSN Conference (Lymphoedema Support Network) I was introduced to Matt Hazledine. 


Little did I imagine he would contact me three years later to ask me if I would write a chapter for his book.  When I see my name acknowledged with all the other experts listed, I am truly humbled.

Our journeys started around the same timeline in May 2011 and Matt’s in June 2011 although our experiences with lymphoedema are quite different.  We share the same goals to raise awareness of lymphoedema through community engagement and unity.


Meet the Experts

Book How to live better with Lymphoedema

In addition, check out Matt's new website: Lymphoedema United

The website provides information and guidance from a panel of medical experts, along with a secure place where people living with lymphoedema can unite directly with others, product providers and organisations.

Patient Advocates in Europe

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